Jim Murphy: 20,000 Civilian Deaths

Jim Murphy: 20,000 Civilian Deaths.


Sainsbury’s a new shopping option via ferry?

handy Sainsbury shopping in Gourock…

The Lochside Press

A new branch of Sainsbury’s will open in Gourock on Friday.

The convenience store will be open from 7am, with a ribbon-cutting at 9am  by a representative of the Gourock Coal Fund.

Usual opening hours will be hours will be 7am to 10:30pm and the shop will employ 19 full-time and part-time staff

Jamie McGilp, the store’s manager, is from Gourock having joined Sainsbury’s five years ago, and progressed through the company’s You Can scheme, from working part-time on checkouts.

The store, which will also have a cash machine and in-store bakery, will sponsor a local charity for a whole year with the Gourock Coal Fund being chosen.

The Kempock Street site, near to the Continental Café, means the new store will be in easy reach for people using the pedestrian ferries from Kilcreggan and Dunoon.

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As the summer holidays continue with wonderful if somewhat unusual sunny conditions i have started to wonder when we became a nation of screamers.  

Lovely other half lives near the local pub and (I stay over regularly) is subjected to sleepless weekends because of constant shouting, screaming and shrieking.

Children can no longer play without screaming mindlessly and it irks me because I was taught that you only scream for a good reason or no one will come to help you when you need it (Peter and the wolf) apart from the fact of consideration to the neighbours.

William and Kate presented their newborn son to the world yesterday amid a disgusting hysterical din, what on earth is the matter with people now?  

It really is time to stop and think about how we behave.  Have we become a nation of hysterical idiots?  

“Rosneath Peninsula would be cut off like Guantanamo Bay”


This is a transcript of the Scottish Affairs Committee meeting Referendum on Separation for Scotland: Defence where the future of Faslane and Coulport in an independent Scotland was discussed on 12th September 2012.

One very striking point was raised by our local MP Alan Reid but the response by Dr Philips O’Brien was startling.

Alan Reid MP…

“If Scotland became independent one option that has been suggested to us is that the Scottish Government could lease Faslane and Coulport to the UK Government and the UK Government in their evidence to us said that it could be acceptable to them as long as it was a sovereign base, sovereign UK territory.  Do you see that as a feasible solution?….

If the likes of Faslane and Coulport were to become a sovereign base area, how big an area would the UK Government need because obviously Faslane and Coulport are close to each other, there’s a road links them and you know always possible that for security reasons they would want the perimeter of the base to be bigger than where the wire fence is at the moment.  What sort of, how large an area would they want?”

Dr Phillips O’Brien, Scottish Centre for War Studies, University of Glasgow…

“It would cut off the Rosneath Peninsula like Guantanamo Bay… you would have to pass through the United Kingdom to get from Cove into Scotland…”

To view the meeting yourself go to the link below, you can forward to the point 14:56:15


Commission takes educational benefit out of school closure debate

The Lochside Press

A national report on the future of rural schools has been given a mixed response by campaigners in Argyll and Bute.

The Commission on the Delivery of Rural Education’s report was published yesterday (Friday), making 38 recommendations – there had been a nationwide moratorium on school closures until it was released.

It was described as a balanced and constructive set of recommendations’ in a statement today by the Argyll Rural Schools Network (ARSN), which was set in 2010 to fight plans by Argyll and Bute Coucil to close 26 primaries.

ARSN have welcomed the focus on the impact school closures can have on children and communities, the call for strengthened guidance, provision of a five year protection for schools post closure consultation and the committee’s recognition that small schools are well equipped to deliver the Curriculum for Excellence.

But the statement adds: “We are, however, disappointed that the commission have…

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Peace camp’s future in doubt as Faslane demonstration nears

Does Faslane Peace Camp have a viable future?

The Lochside Press

Faslane Peace Camp faces a crisis over its future, with the four current residents saying it may have to be turned into a public garden area next month.

A major demonstration at Faslane is due this Monday, organised by the Scrap Trident Coalition, following weekend demonstrations in Glasgow.

And on Saturday April 13 there will be an open meeting on the future of the peace at 4pm in Glasgow’s Kinning Park complex.

An open letter on the peace camp’s website says that for the last two years a small group has been rebuilding the camp as a community of anti-nuclear action.

But the hope of growing in numbers has not been achieved: “Maintaining this space whilst having an active campaign with so few of us has put us under such pressure, personally and as a collective, that we can’t continue.”

The letter continues:

We feel, as a group, our limit on being…

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